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T24 Antenna Options

  • Approved Antenna options for various T24 modules
  • Up to 200m (650 ft) range
  • External antennas are weatherised

The T24-ANTA, T24-ANTB and T24-ANTC are three antenna options which can be integrated with any of the T24 Modules which are factory fitted with UFL antenna connectors such as the external antenna options of the Acquisition Modules (T24-SAe, T24-IAe, T24-VAe).Options also exist for antennas to be fitted to other modules within the T24 range - please contact us for more information.

The T24-ANTA is a PCB antenna designed to be fitted inside a plastic enclosure.

The T24-ANTB is a whip antenna with a fixed 90 degree elbow designed for mounting externally.

The T24-ANTC is a whip antenna with a variable angled elbow for mounting externally.