Wireless Telemetry Toolkit Software


The T24-TK has been designed to ease and simplify the configuration and calibration of all modules in the T24 product range. The software recognises the connected ( or ‘paired’) module and presents a set of specifically tailored pages in a clear and user-friendly manner.

In most cases a T24 system will require initial configuration using the toolkit after which the system will operate autonomously. The toolkit would only be required again if the configuration required changing.

The data viewer and logging functions can be used on an existing, installed system without interrupting its operation.

  • User-friendly Windows software for the configuration and calibration of all T24 modules
  • Supplied free of charge with T24 purchase
  • Module configuration save and restore
  • Simple data logging
  • Wireless spectrum analysis tool
  • Acquisition module data viewer
  • Requires a T24 base station