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Model VE500

Exhaust Flow Meters

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The VE500 Exhaust Flow Meter has been designed to operate over a wide dynamic range at temperatures up to 1000F. The signal output is directly proportional to the volumetric flows and can be used to calculate mass flow. This exhaust meter provides the same rugged design as our other gas and liquid flow meters. No moving parts, low pressure drop and low cost make this product ideal for all exhaust flow measurement applications.


Flow Range
Model dependent
Operating Temperature
-20 to 1000F (-28 to 537C)
Operating Pressure
2 PSIG (0.14 BARg)
Accuracy (%)
+/- 2% full scale
+/- 1%
Stainless steel wetted parts with MACOR transducer assembly
Ambient Temp. Limits
-20 to 150F (-28 to 66C)
Response Time
300 ms for analog output, 10 ms for frequency