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Model 3711

Bolt Force Sensor

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The Model 3711 Bolt Force Sensor is another unique transducer which is essentially a hollow-compression strain gage load cell. It is designed to be used with most strain gage indicators.

The Bolt Force Sensor is a three-piece assembly consisting of:

  1. A large hardened and ground flat washer with one side beveled.
  2. The sensor
  3. A small hardened and ground washer


  • Compact
  • High output
  • Standard models for bolts size no. 6 through 2" and up to 20mm
  • Sensor and washerscarpenter 440C stainless steel, hardness Rc 58-60
  • Sensitive to neither bolt or nut applied torque
Capacities (N)
6K to 230K
Output (mV/V)
2 to 5, model dependant
Accuracy (%)
Bridge Resistance (ohms)