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Model RF

Rod End In-Line Tension Load Cells

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Model RF, with male and female threads, is a high output rod end load cell designed to be mounted inline to the load axis to measure tension.

The outputs for these load cells are ±5 Vdc or 10 Vdc, or 4 mA to 20 mA (two wire) all calibrated in tension.

The mounting thread configurations and the all welded stainless steel construction make these tension load cells ideal for a variety of rugged field applications as well as in the laboratory.

The optional high output signal offers resistance to electrical noise as well as additional signal resolution.

Additional options include an internal buffered shunt calibration circuit for ease of setup with an associated indicator, and a variety of thread selections, including metric sizes.

907 to 90,700 kg
± 0.29 % full scale
±0.05 % full scale
±2 mV/V (nominal)
Compression only
Temperature, Operating
-54 °C to 121 °C