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Model MA-CB55

Mounting Arrangement for Model CB55

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EZ-Mount Weigh Modules are designed for maximum accuracy coupled with a high degree of resistance to the adverse effects of overload and sideload forces.

Each module consists of a bending beam transducer packaged in a rugged stainless steel mounting system. Specifically designed for use on low capacity process vessels, modules meet IP68 and NEMA 6 immersion requirements and mechanically resist high overload and sideload forces. Built in load adaption technology automatically compensates for vessel thermal expansion and contraction.

A substantial protection plate, positioned above the cable entry gland, prevents damage from plant debris and traffic.

Simplified bolting patterns expedite both retrofit and new vessel installations. EZ-Mount modules can be fully installed without the load beam, reducing any risk of load cell failure. After installation, simply slide the beam into place and adjust the overload safety stops.

In frequent washdown areas, the ground strap may be removed (after installation) without affecting module performance.

Capacities (Kg)
5 to 500
Stainless Steel
Built-in jacking facility
Built-in lift off prevention
Earth strap included
Medium-high capacity multi-leg hoppers & silos