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Model ADW15

Load Cell Indicator

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This intelligent self contained loadmeter is designed for use with strain gauge loadcells.
Its wide range of functions and simple operation make the ADW15 ideal for use in industrial weighing applications. Options include set points, peak hold, serial communications and analogue outputs.

All set up functions are via the weather sealed keypad using a simple menu system. This compact, self contained loadcell instrument is available with a wide range of options including low voltage dc supply, whilst two way data communication allows for remote control of functions. Easy to program and use and able to power up to 4 x 350W loadcells, this loadmeter is used throughout industry in engineering applications with consistent and reliable results.

A fast input version (10ms) the ADW-FPT is available.

Sensitivity (mV/V)
0.5 to 200
10VDC nominal (drives up to 4 350 ohm load cells)
Display Resolution
Panel mount (DIN rail optional)
Power Supply
110VAC, 240VAC, 9-32VDC, 18-60VDC
Analogue output,relay alarms, RS232/485
Update Speed