Model S033

Hot Chamber Fatigue Rated Torque Transducer


A supplier of steering and other fluid assisted components to automotive, truck, and off-highway vehicle manufacturers needed a "special" torque sensor to perform continuous duty measurements on a hydraulic pump. The pump and the torque sensor would be operated in a temperature chamber at 300F with a hot oil mist atmosphere.

In addition the tension of the belt driving the device under test would vary causing fluctuations in the side load applied to the torque sensor. The torque sensor had to measure torque accurately up to 600 lb-in over an extended period of time with side loads up to 600 lb being applied simultaneously to the torque sensor.

The solution was to design a slip-ring coupled torque sensor that would be capable of essentially recording the "true" torque value of the pump during long term testing under the conditions prescribed by the client. The S033 was the result of this design effort and employs a uniquely designed sensing element that essentially ignores the effects of significant side loads.

Proprietary temperature compensation techniques were employed during the gauging and wiring of the torque sensor. Included in the design was an air actuated slip ring brush lifter that allowed these nsor to run with out the brushes and sliprings engaged during nonmeasurement periods of the test. According to the user the S033 performed flawlessly during all phases of the test.

Capacities (Nm)
Output (mV/V)
Non-Linearity (of R/O)
Hysteresis (of R/O)
Repeatability (of R/O)
Max Speed (RPM)