Versatile Indicator / Load Cell Controller

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The ADP-SP16 Versatile Indicator / Controller has up to 16 relay Set Points and a wide range of input options including, volts, amps, temperature, frequency, speed, load, force, pressure, torque, LVDT and many more.

The digital architecture offers very easy one-pass calibration and fast setup. This versatile amplifier panel meter offers options of isolated analogue outputs, latching relays or digital outputs for control or alarm functions.

The RS232 or RS485 options provide for digital communications (including setup) and can support label or ticket printers

By 15-turn pre sets for gain and offset
Thermocouple Types K,J,R,S,T,B,N,E
Input DC Voltage
±20mV, ±200mV, ±2V, ±20V, ±200V
Input Potentiometer
Any value in the range 100R to 10K V AC
Input Pressure
Excitation 40mA @ 10V
Typical ± 0.08% of output, ± 0.08%FSD
Output DC Voltage
0 to 1V, 0 to 5V, 1 to 5V, 0 to 10V, -10 to +10V, Max Current out 50mA
±130V RMS or DC max to analogue input or to any other port