Concrete Maturity Meter

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  • Includes Waterproof Heavy Duty Case
  • 6 Temperature Channels
  • Includes FREE SquirrelView Software
  • Memory Size 260K Readings
  • Ideal for Concrete Temperature Monitoring

Product Details

The Grant OQ610-S Concrete Maturity Meter is a compact unit designed for concrete temperature monitoring in concrete curing applications.  It is supplied in a very heavy duty, bright yellow waterproof case, making it ideal for on-site work in harsh conditions and environments.  It comes with SquirrelView software for a complete concrete maturity monitoring system.

The OQ610-S concrete maturity meter has 6 temperature channels and digitally displays the value of all channels. Thanks to its USB interface, it can be connected directly to a PC or laptop for fast downloading of the readings. Microsoft Excel templates are supplied for easy calculation of the
elapsed time versus temperature – Concrete Maturity number. The Maturity number can be used to determine when concrete has cured sufficiently for formwork to be removed.

Concrete temperature monitoring is essential to ensure the strength and stability of concrete structures.

How Does The Concrete Maturity Meter Calculate Concrete Maturity?

In order to determine concrete maturity, sacrificial temperature measurement cables are ‘cast into’ the concrete and cut off at the surface when the concrete has cured. We can supply the temperature measurement cable in 100m rolls with separate plugs so that these individual sensors can be custom made to suit your application.

The concrete maturity meter is simple to use, finishing the job in the shortest possible time. This gives the confidence that the concrete is at its optimum strength, benefiting from the subsequent efficiency, improvements and cost savings that this procedure brings.

OQ610 Squirrel data logger

  • OQ610 Squirrel for 6 K or T type probes, memory size 260K readings
  • includes SquirrelView software and USB connecting cable LC80.
  • SquirrelView suitable for Windows 98SE, 2000, and XP.

CMK610-S Concrete Maturity System

  • Includes custom waterproof case and type K extension leads PC610-S, OQ610 Squirrel for 6x K or T type probes, memory size 260K readings.
  • SquirrelView software and USB connecting cable LC80.
  • SquirrelView suitable for Windows 2000, XP and Vista.


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