Model 6214

Load Cell Overload Protector

Product Details

The Lebow Load Cell Overload Protector is available with an optional end plate assembly and rod ends. The Overload Protector eliminates downtime and replacement costs due to damaged strain gauge load cells.

The unit does not appreciably affect the cells dynamic response. Up to its set point (usually 110%), the application of load results in linear deflection of the system. At 110% of rated load, the patented non-linear spring supporting the cell abruptly collapses, shunting the load in excess of 110% to the built-in mechanical stops.

When the load is removed, the springs automatically return to their original position. The low spring rate, above rated load, allows wide tolerances in mechanical stop settings.

Available for Models
3397, 3167, 3132, 3169
Capacities (N)
up to 15K
Max Overload Tension
Max Overload Compression
Rod End Bearings


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