Model MPB

High Capacity Compact Compression Load Cell

Product Details

The High Capacity Compact Compression Load Cell Model MPB is designed for high capacity applications from 8 tonnes up to 1000 tonnes but are small in size.  Their small size makes them ideal to use where space limitations apply but large compression forces need to be measured.

Load forces between 2,000 lbs to 2,000,000 lbs can be measured using the High Capacity Compact Compression Load Cell Model MPB. 

Thanks to their compact size and high capacity this load cell lends itself to the below applications:

  • Impact Testing
  • Mine Shaft Roof Simulations

High Capacity and Compact Size

This high capacity compact compression load cell has a diameter range between 1.25 in and 10 in while the height ranges between approximately 0.63 in and 14 in depending on the load range desired.

8 ton to 1,000 ton
± 0.25 % full scale
±0.02 % full scale
±2 mV/V (nominal)
Compression only
Temperature, Operating
-57 °C to 121 °C
Capacity (tons)D0 mmD1 mmD2 mmL1 mmL2 mmL3 mmH mmThread Lifting EyeOptional Bottom Thread
16.622.19.419.050.511.529.53N/A8-32 UNC x 0.18 in deep
2.56.622.19.419.050.511.529.53N/A8-32 UNC x 018 in deep
510.4124.8913.4622.351.021.529.53N/A8-32 UNC x 0.18 in deep
1019.0537.8519.0528.451.524.069.53N/A1/4-28 UNF x 0.25 in deep
2529.9749.7829.9744.963.057.6219.05N/A1/4-28 UNF x 0.25 in deep
5040.3961.9840.3964.04.574.8338.1N/A3/8-24 UNF x 0.38 in deep
10057.1581.0357.1585.856.3517.5338.1N/A3/8-24 UNF x 0.38 in deep
25090.68112.7890.68135.896.3543.1838.11/4-283/4-16 UNF x 0.75 in deep
500128.27163.58128.27192.286.3566.0438.11/4-283/4-16 UNF x 0.75 in deep
1000181.36214.38181.36264.416.35101.638.13/8-161/12 UNF x 1.0 in deep


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