Model SF-SB51T

Self Aligning Load Cell Foot for Models SB41T & SB51T

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  • Complete mounting accessory for the SB41 and SB51
  • Rubber foot with domed load adaptor
  • Robust and corrosion free stainless steel. Ideal for platform, container and floor scales
  • Provides precise axial and torque free loading
  • Acid resistant Neoprene material with a high Shore hardness
  • Compatible Load Cell Amplifiers & Instruments available
  • Self levelling
  • Low profile
  • Easy fitting

Product Details

Whenever several load cells are built into a scale or platform, some flexibility must be introduced into the mechanical design to allow for expansion (due to temperature) and the bending and twisting of the frames under load. If not, forces will be created between the individual load cells which could cause significant measurement errors. Typically, to overcome this, expensive ball & cup mechanism or lever/knife edges have traditionally been used.

A simple, more cost-effective alternative is to use a type of elastomer (rubber) bearing. An elastomer bearing typically consists of two metal plates which are held together by a layer of vulcanised neoprene rubber.

The SF-SB51T Self Aligning Load Cell Foot is a type of elastomer bearing. For platform applications, the rubber/metal foot SF-SB51T can be used in conjunction with the T end version of the SB41 and SB51. The load cell is mounted on the underside of the platform with the loading end (Live end) facing down. The foot is then held in place by an M3 bolt and lock nut. When the platform sits on the floor the load is transferred through the domed hardened load adaptor into the load cell.

The SF-SB51T Self Aligning Load Cell Foot has the additional feature of height adjustment to take care of uneven floors etc. The flanged version of the foot is used in the same way but it has a plate with four holes to secure the foot to the floor or a supporting structure. Other options include a food-grade and a fixed height feet.

Capacities (Kg)
500 to 5000
Neoprene Rubber & Stainless Steel
Medium to high capacity platforms


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