Model M211-114

Low Torque Thrust Sensor

Discontinued product

An alternative product is available from Applied Measurements:
Torque Thrust Sensor

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  • Ideal for High Compression Loads and Extreme Temperatures
  • Only 1.4 Inches Height and Ø1.75 Inches
  • Capacities 50 lb-in torque & 2K lbs thrust, 100 lb-in torque & 2.5K lbs thrust
  • Other Capacities Available on Request
  • Operating Temperature Range -65 to +200 F (-54°C to +93°C)

Product Details

The Low Torque Thrust Sensor M211-114 was originally designed for use in tyre rubber testing rheometers.  However, this dual axis Low Torque Thrust Sensor is ideally suited for applications where low torque levels need to be measured in the presence of relatively high compression loads and temperature extremes.

Thanks to its low cross-talk between the torque and thrust measurements, it resists negative effects of extraneous forces in both of the measurement axis.

The Low Torque Thrust Sensor M211-114 features low inertial mass and high stiffness in both axes.

Capacities (Nm)
6/5K, 12/10K
Output (mV/V)
2 (torque) 1 (thrust)
Non-Linearity (of R/O)
Hysteresis (of R/O)
Repeatability (of R/O)
Overload (of R/O)
Crosstalk (of R/O)


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