Model M211-116

Fatigue Rated Torque Sensor

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  • Capacities 1K lb-in torque & 5K lbs thrust, 1K lb-in torque & 2K lbs thrust, 100 lb-in torque & 200 lbs thrust
  • Dual Axis for Both Torque and Thrust Measurements
  • Crosstalk Less Than 2%

Product Details

The Fatigue Rated Torque Sensor Model M211-116 is ideal for use in material testing machines thanks to its compact size, fatigue rating and component durability.

The Fatigue Rated Torque Sensor provides a low inertial mass and high stiffness, which minimises cross-talk between the torque and thrust measurements and is resistant to the negative effects of extraneous forces in both measurement axis.

The M211-116 can be used with AC carrier and DC strain gauge signal conditioning electronics.

The Fatigue Rated Torque Sensor is supplied with mating connectors for straight forward installation.

Capacities (Nm)
100/10K, 100/25, 10/1K
Output (mV/V)
Non-Linearity (of R/O)
Hysteresis (of R/O)
Repeatability (of R/O)
Overload (of R/O)
Crosstalk (of R/O)


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