Model DSJ1

Digital Converter Mount Board for Single Converter

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  • Designed to house 1 single digital load cell converter
  • Bus connections for communication and power supply
  • 2 part connectors for field terminals
  • D type 9 pin connecter for easy RS232 connection
  • Green LED power indicator
  • Red LED digital output indicator
  • Push switch to simulate digital input
  • CAN compliant - option
  • Choose & add the DSC digital strain card required to fit onto the DSJ1 

Product Details

The DSJ1 digital converter mount board gives a simple and convenient method of interconnection and field mounting of the DSC module, quick and easy for communication with PC and PLC. 

It is designed to connect one single DSC load cell converter module and has options for wall, surface or DIN rail mount.

The DSJ1 digital converter mount board is suitable to use with strain gauge sensors such as pressure transducers, load cells and torque sensors.  The DSC load cell converter family offers high speed and high precision signal conditioning digitising capabilities. Available output formats include RS232, RS485 ASCII, Modbus, & MantraCAN J1939.

Please Note: MantraCAN products will only work with Mantracourt software up to and including Windows 10.

Additional Input Channels for the Digital Convert Mount Board

If you need more than one input channel, the DSJ4 mount board can connect up to four model DSC’s to a common communications bus. Several DSJ1’s or DSJ4’s can be connected to the same bus for distributed applications (except when using RS232).

Internal Mounting of the Load Cell Digitiser

For mounting internal to the sensor, the same electronics is also available in a compact miniature format and is known as the DCell Strain Gauge or Load Cell Embedded Digitiser Module.

Note that model DSJ1 is the designation of the printed circuit board complete with the connectors but DOES NOT INCLUDE the DSC. Therefore, when selecting this product, be sure to also select the appropriate DSC module from the relevant product info page.

The DSC card features:

  • Strain gauge to RS232, RS485 or CAN digital load cell conditioning card
  • OEM PCB format for easy fitting to products
  • Ultra high performance, resolution of 1 part in 200,000 (18bit)
  • High speed, up to 500 updates per second
  • Auto calibration or direct entry of mV/V with linearisation
  • Programmable dynamic filter
  • Temperature compensation
  • Error reporting including strain gauge fault conditions and overloads
  • Peak and trough (valley) recording
  • Remote shunt calibration by software command or digital input

1 x 8 way 2 part terminal for load cell and temperature sensor connections (2.5mm² cable max)
1 x 5 way 2 part terminal for Digital Data and Power (2.5mm² cable max)
1 x 3 way 2 part terminal for DSC digital I/O
1 x 9 way D type connector for digital data

135 x 73 x 18mm PCB only
Enclosure Material

Sealed to IP65 with cable entries via IP67 glands (when supplied with option of enclosure) 

Storage Temperature
-20 to +70ºC
Operating Temperature
-10 to 50ºC
Relative Humidity
95% maximum non condensing


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