Model ILE

In Line Strain Gauge Amplifier Enclosure

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  • In-line enclosure for load cell amplifiers ICA and digital load cell converters DCell
  • The ILE and ICA converts a load cell to a conditioned load cell
  • The ILE and DCell converts load cell to a digital load cell
  • Compact 56 x 28 mm excluding glands
  • Constructed from stainless steel
  • IP67 Environmental Sealing
  • Choice of either a load cell amplifier or digitiser to fit inside the solid in-line housing

Product Details

The in line strain gauge amplifier enclosure is designed to house not only load cell amplifiers ICA but too!

It quickly converts any standard load cell output to 0-10 V, 4-20 mA or a RS485 digital output.

The ILE in line strain gauge amplifier enclosure has a robust stainless steel construction and is EMC protected to IP67. 

It is compact in size at only 56 x 28 mm excluding glands.

Cover material
Stainless steel type 304
Body material
Stainless steel type 316 or 17-4
Threaded entries
PG7/20 TPI
Cable entries
PG7 EMC glands (e.g. Jacob 50.007/EMV 14mm AF)


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