Model PSD-232

Handheld Load Cell Display with RS232 Interface

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  • Allows for connections to many interfaces including PCs and data loggers.
  • Portable & Compact
  • Easy to carry only 250grams
  • Waterproof IP65 Sealed
  • battery powered
  • 7 digit LCD display, with battery, peak, trough, net, overload and shunt cal indication
  • 450 hrs battery life in power save mode
  • 6 key tactile keyboard, with on/off, range select, peak/valley hold, and gross/net controls
  • Microprocessor based, allowing single pass calibration facility (direct mV/V)
  • Dual range for values such as kg and lb

Product Details

The handheld load cell display with RS232 interface is a 7 digit LCD display with battery, peak, trough, net, overload and shunt cal indication.  It allows the connection from the strain gauge or load cell handheld display to many devices i.e a PC or simple data logger.

It has a simple robust construction and is sealed to IP65 suitable for most applications.  Plus it comes fitted with an 8 pin connector which enables users to connect the handheld load cell display with RS232 with appropriate cabling for their application.

2 Separate Engineering Units

The handheld load cell display with RS232 can read and indicate 2 separate engineering units of measure such as kgs/lbs. An annunciator indicates which range has been selected and there is a window, to insert a legend, describing each unit of measure. Each of the ranges can be tailored by the user such as display update rate, low power operation and each range can track its own peak and trough along with its Gross/Net state.

Menu Options on the Handheld Load Cell Display with RS232

The menu options are accessed via the tactile 6 key keypad and can be tailored for the user’s needs in response to the application.  For example configuring the display update rate to either 0.5 Hz, 1 Hz, 3 Hz or 10 Hz setting, auto power down and overload.

Calibration is also performed from the menu. Up to 450 hours battery life can be achieved whilst in power save mode with powering via 2 x AA Alkaline batteries (not included). An auto sleep/off function can be set ranging from 1 minute up to 99 minutes.

The handheld indicator weighs only 250 grams and has 6 tactile push buttons for easy access to on/off, gross/net, peak, trough, display hold and shunt cal functions. The indicator is designed to interface with any full bridge sensor with an output sensitivity of up to 50 mV/V. Bridge resistances from 85 ohms upwards can be used.

Accessory Options

Accessory options include a black leather carry case with shoulder strap which allows full operation of the PSD232 whilst being carried in the case. Fantastic for on-site measurements.

The Case is Registered Design No. 3021311

Display Type
7 digit LCD display, 8.8mm high digits
Battery Life
With 350R sensor continuously on 35 hours or up to 450 hrs in low power mode
Non linearity
0.005 % FR
Excitation voltage
5 Vdc
Strain gauge impedance
85 to 5,000 Ohms (350 typical)
Resolution at 1 Hz sample rate
250,000 Counts /Divisions
Resolution at 10 Hz smaple rate
65,000 Counts /Divisions
Offset stability
0.008 ±%FR*


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