Model T160

Miniature Shaft Drive Reaction Torque Transducer

Product Details

The T160 shaft coupled reaction torque sensor was designed for a wide variety of applications requiring small package size, high torsional stiffness and where there is a small degree of angular rotation or reciprocating motion involved.

The T160, with inherent low-end measurement capability, can be installed at the driver or absorber end of the measurement chain. Double-keyed shafts on each end assist installation. AC carrier or DC strain gage signal conditioning electronics can be used with the T160.

Capacities (Nm)
15, 35, 55, 110, 225, 350
Output (mV/V)
Non-Linearity (of R/O)
Hysteresis (of R/O)
Repeatability (of R/O)
Overload (of FS)


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