Model ADW-BW5/12

Ingredient Batch Weighing Controller

Discontinued product

An alternative product is available from Applied Measurements:
Load Cell Digital Indicator INT4-L

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  • Ideal for Food Industry
  • Suitable in Silo and Weighing Applications
  • Up to 12 components or ingredients
  • Optional 10 menu selection
  • Selectable batch totals
  • Mixer timing control
  • Stand alone or PLC operation
  • Provides excitation of 10V @ 160mA to drive up to 6 x 350 Ohm load cells
  • Variable gain input sensitivity from 0.5 to 200 mV/V
  • 6 wire input to compensate for zener barrier and cable losses
  • Simple one pass auto calibration for minimum set-up time on site

Product Details

Please use our high-accuracy Intuitive Load Cell Digital Indicator, which can be bought online on our webshop on our Applied Measurements site.


The ADW-BW 12 Ingredient Batch Weighing Controller version adds the capability to manage and control up to 12 different components or ingredients, that can be combined into 10 separate menus (or products).

Calibration and control is easy from the front menu of the Ingredient Batch Weighing Controller which allows the control of quantities, mix times, settling times and processing times, and the reporting of all activities via a printer link.

Operating as a stand alone controller or (with inclusion of interface boards) full remote control can be affected from a PC or PLC, and a printed record of activity can be taken.

Automatic or Manual
Preset via DIL switches between 0.5 to 200mV/V
10V DC nominal, 150mA maximum
90 days ± 0.08% of reading ± 0.05% of FSD typical
0.002%ºC typical @ 2.5mV/V
Display Rate
0.1 seconds for standard update
Input Average
Set by keypad up to 64 standard updates
1 x 4.5 digit, High brightness, 10mm Red LED, 2 x 3mm LED’s for SP1 and SP2 status, 1 x 3mm LED for hold

For the standard load cell weighing indicator please see our model ADW15.  


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