Fast Fill Weighing Controller

Discontinued product

An alternative product is available from Applied Measurements:
Load Cell Digital Indicator INT4-L

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  • For High Accuracy Weighing at Fast Fill Speeds
  • Fast & Accurate Fill Control
  • Fast 100 Updates Per Second Input
  • Both Fast & Slow Feeds
  • System Speed Optimisation
  • Auto Tare
  • Auto Calibration
  • Auto ‘In Flight ‘ Compensation to Minimise Error
  • 'Weight Complete' Output
  • Stand Alone or Control with PLC

Product Details

Please use our high-accuracy Intuitive Load Cell Digital Indicator, which can be bought online on our webshop on our Applied Measurements site.


The fast fill weighing controller ADW-FFW is designed to control high speed, high accuracy filling by weight for strain gauge or load cell applications.

The unit can be used with or without a PLC.

The fast fill weighing controller is ideal for use in fast fill silo and weighing applications and for use in the food industry.


On receipt of the start fill signal weightment is auto tared, and the relay contacts for fast and slow speed are closed.

To ensure that the fast feed is held for as long as possible, the system is optimised by a routine.

Thanks to the fast fill weighing controller ADW-FFW in-flight compensation, final error is kept to a minimum.

When pre-set values are reached, contacts turn off the fast and slow feeds. A ‘weight complete’ signal is given when within pre-selected setting values and time, Auto Tare will take place only when the value falls within a pre-set auto tare band.

Automatic or Manual
Preset via DIL switches between 0.5 to 200mV/V
10V DC nominal, 150mA maximum
90 days ± 0.08% of reading ± 0.05% of FSD typical
0.002%ºC typical @ 2.5mV/V
Display Rate
0.1 seconds for standard update
Input Filter
Programmable to average up to 64 display updates
Operating temperature
-10 to 50ºC


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