Model ADW-LW

Loss in Weight Controller

Discontinued product

An alternative product is available from Applied Measurements:
Load Cell Digital Indicator INT4-L

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  • System Speed Optimisation (self-learning)
  • Automated Hopper Replenishment
  • Automated Taring
  • Program via Keypad and Comms Port
  • Option for Printer Communications
  • Fast Accurate Fill Control
  • Auto Calibration
  • ‘In-Flight’ Compensation for Minimising Error
  • ‘Weight Complete’ Output and Totaliser Functions
  • Ideal for Agriculture Applications

Product Details

Please use our high-accuracy Intuitive Load Cell Digital Indicator, which can be bought online on our webshop on our Applied Measurements site.


The Loss in Weight Controller is designed to control filling by measuring the loss in weight of product from a hopper.  It is ideal to use to fill bags or drums in the agricultural industry and silo weighing.

It can be used on its own or with additional control from a PLC.

Hopper replenishment and taring is performed automatically and along with in-flight compensation, final error is kept to a minimum. 

On receipt of a start signal the hopper level is checked to confirm sufficient material to fulfill the preset fill value. If correct, an auto-tare occurs and the feed valve is opened until the fill value is reached. If the hopper level does not have sufficient product, however, the feed valve will not open, but the hopper fill valve will be opened until a preset high limit is reached. A preset timer allows the hopper to settle before the cycle is started. If a further start signal is received during the timeout period then the discharge cycle is initiated.


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