Model ADW-SP16

16 Set Point Weighing Controller

Discontinued product

An alternative product is available from Applied Measurements:
Load Cell Digital Indicator INT4-L

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  • Up to 16 setpoints, each with an associated SPCO relay (on DIN rail module)
  • Individual set point, In-flight & hysterisis values
  • Programmable from the ADW keypad
  • Relay contact rating 230V @ 5A AC
  • Communications and Printer Driver
  • Simple one pass auto calibration for minimum set-up time on site
  • Provides excitation of 10V @ 160mA to drive up to 6 x 350 Ohm load cells
  • Variable gain input sensitivity from 0.5 to 200 mV/V
  • 6 wire input to compensate for zener barrier and cable losses
  • RS232 or RS485 communications for setup, data transfer or label/ticket printing

Product Details

Please use our high-accuracy Intuitive Load Cell Digital Indicator, which can be bought online on our webshop on our Applied Measurements site.


The 16 Set Point Weighing Controller is DIN rail mounted and offers up to 16 set points making it ideal for  batch and recipe control. 

Thanks to the software of the 16 Set Point Weighing Controller the user can set the number of points as they need for their application.  One ADW-SP16 unit will allow control of up to 16 set points, programmed from its front panel keypad and communication port.  Output actions are also programmable.

Set points can be individually set up with In Flight compensation and hysteresis values. Separate ‘Output Latch’ and ‘Output Action’ for up to 14 of the 16 set points is available, settable from the front panel of the ADW-SP16. A special mnemonic allows the user to specify the number of set points to be used.

A simple one pass auto calibration is available for quick setup on site, minimising downtime.

All relays are pluggable and connections are made via field screw terminals.

Automatic or Manual
Preset via DIL switches between 0.5 to 200mV/V
10V DC nominal, 150mA maximum
90 days ± 0.08% of reading ± 0.05% of FSD typical
0.002%ºC typical @ 2.5mV/V
Display Rate
0.1 seconds for standard update
DC Voltage
0 to 5V, 0 to 10V, -10 to +10V, Max Current out 50mA
typical ± 0.08% of output, ± 0.08%FSD


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