Model LCB

Intelligent Load Cell Amplifier

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  • Simple one pass auto calibration
  • Excitation 10V 160mA for up to 6 Load Cells
  • Sensitivity from 0.5 to 200 mV/V
  • 6 wire input to compensate for barrier and cable losses
  • Full digital set-up and calibration using keypad or PC
  • Auto tare and peak hold actioned by volt-free contacts
  • Fully isolated 4-20mA and 0-10V analog outputs
  • 2 Setpoints SPCO relay outputs
  • RS485 RS232 Digital data output for communications and printing
  • PCB (LCB shown in main photo) options include various cases with or without DIN rail mounting

Product Details

All parameters as the LCA15 but without surface mount case. Circuit board is Eurocard size.

The LCA15 intelligent Strain Gauge amplifier offers both 4 to 20mA and 0 to 10V analogue outputs from any standard strain gauge input. Designed primarily as controllers for weighing operations, the LCA15s have a wide range of application.

Ease of calibration and setting of the analogue output range make the unit extremely user-friendly. Set-up is via a simple hand-held or on-board programmer/display. Auto Tare and Peak Hold (if set) on the analogue output are operated via voltage-free contacts closures.

Sensitivity (mV/V)
0.5 to 200.0
10VDC nominal (drives up to 6 350 ohm cells)
Display Resolution
19,999 (Display optional)
Analogue Output
Simultaneous 0-10V and 4-20mA
Surface mount ABS case sealed to IP65
Power Supply
Selectable 110 VAC, 240VAC
Relay alarms, RS232/485, 12 or 24 VDC power


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