Fast Wireless Strain Bridge Transmitter Module

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  • Ultra-fast update rate of 2000 per second
  • Wireless range up to 800 m (2,600 ft)
  • Low power mode for long battery life
  • Miniature PCB for OEM integration
  • Free Visualisation software

Product Details

The T24-SAf Fast Wireless Strain Bridge Transmitter ModuleT24-SAf transmitter connects to strain bridge transducers such as load cells, torque sensors, strain gauges and pressure modules and forms part of the T24 modular telemetry system. The data transmitted by the T24-SAf can be received by multiple T24 receivers that include handheld readers, analogue outputs and computer interfaces.

T24 transmitters have been designed for battery operation and support an ultra-low-power sleep mode whilst offering class-leading wireless coverage and range. A choice of enclosures enabling battery connection, field connectivity and environmental sealing up to IP67 ensure these modules provide a flexible solution to your wireless sensor requirements.

The T24-SAf is a 2000 samples per second (fixed) version of the T24-SA for high-speed monitoring. T24-SAf provides 5 V excitation to drive transducer loads down to 85 ohms. This transmitter is highly accurate, low noise and outputs in mV/V giving quality measurements from a wide range of strain bridge transducers.

Strain Gauge Excitation Voltage
5 Vdc
Strain Gauge Resistance (min)
85 Ω
Maximum Gauge Sensitivity (FR)
3.2 ±mV/V
Offset Temperature Stability
1 to 4 ppm/C
Non Linearity before Linearization
5 to 25 ppm of FR
Internal Resolution
16,000,000/24 Resolution/bits
Operating Temperature Range 
-40 to +85 °C


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