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VisualLink is a RAD toolkit for the creation of SCADA / HMI (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition / Human Machine Interface) applications supporting a wide range of instrument protocols. The Mantracourt range of intelligent instrumentation is supported along with a range of common 3rd party instruments. Generic drivers enable you to connect to unsupported instruments.

  • An evaluation version of this software with full functionality is available on request.

Use VisualLink to create Virtual Instrumentation, Automated Test Equipment and Batching Systems to name but a few application areas.

VisualLink is event-driven and these events are generated by the different objects you place on the page. Write script code for powerful control over your system. The programming language is VBScript (a subset of VBA). This offers an easy to use, standard programming language to enable you to produce very powerful applications with a minimum of effort. Any VisualBASIC programmer or MS Word or Excel macro writer will feel at home with VisualLink.

A script builder will ease script construction by allowing you to select object and property definitions from tree lists. The main advantage of this application over existing SCADA packages is ease of use and fast learning curve and rapid application development. You are not forced to create a database approach to storing instrument data and the design is very open. This ensures that when you only need a simple application you can create it with the minimum effort and fuss. You will notice that there are no banks of confusing menus and most operations can be completed by dragging, dropping and point & click. With IntelliSense style lists that appear when you type in your code this means you are less likely to have to refer to help when creating your application.

The Active Debugger allows you to set breakpoints and single-step through your code at design time.VisualLink is 32-bit software for Windows 98, ME, NT4, 2000 and XP and is supplied on CD only. All help and manuals are on-line.

We also offer a service to add drivers for other instruments. The advantage of this is that it is simple to select the parameters and readings you wish to talk to as opposed to using the low-level generic drivers.

Solutions provided by VisualLink

  • Paint mixing plant control and recipe maintenance
  • Helicopter weigh pad
  • Insulation manufacturing plant control and monitoring
  • Diving vessel signal monitoring, data logging and diver tracking
  • Log weighing, reporting and alarm system
  • Concrete batching system with recipes and reports
  • 13000 channel component ageing system with component tracking and reporting
  • Aviation landing gear testing
  • Gum production with logging
  • Pipe pressure cycling and reporting
  • Mobile phone battery testing
  • Our own in house product ATE with user scriptable test routines
  • Bakery product mixing and reporting
  • Centre of gravity monitoring


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