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Wireless Telemetry Acquisition Enclosure

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  • Miniature sealed enclosure for any of the T24 Acquisition modules
  • Provides complete battery powered telemetry unit
  • Includes fitting for 2 x AA Alkaline batteries
  • Easy connectivity with screw terminals for connection to a variety of sensors
  • Internal antenna provides up to 200m (650 ft) range
  • Water-proofed to IP65 NEMA4 enclosure
  • Supplied as case only and requires acquisition modules, the ones with 'external' antenna are recommended T24-SA(e), T24-VA(e) and T24-IA(e)

This module is a miniature rugged enclosure for any of the T24 acquisition modules to provide protective water-proofing and powering. The unit has fitting for 2 x Alkaline AA batteries (not included) and simple screw field terminals for easy wiring to a variety of sensors.

The T24-ACMi is supplied with an IP68 cable gland although options are available for a cable connector or blanking plate if required for OEM applications.

The standard internal antenna supplied offers up to 200m (650 ft) range in an open field site.

The unit is supplied without the Acquisition Module (see T24-SA Strain, T24-VA Voltage, T24-IA Current). Upon ordering, it is recommended the 'external' antenna type (SAe, VAe, IAe) should be chosen to take advantage of the antenna supplied within this module.


Battery Supply Voltage
2.5 to 3.6V DC
IP Rating
Operating Temperature Range
-10 to +50°C
-10 to 50°C
Relative humidity
0 to 95 %RH
Data Type
250 K bits/sec
Integral Antenna
100 (325) Metres (feet)