Embedded Digital Load Cell Converter

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Very high performance digital load cell conditioning / strain gauge signal converter supplied in a miniature format designed specifically to be incorporated directly into strain gauge sensors such as load cells, pressure transducers and torque sensors. The DCell offers high speed and high precision digitizing capabilities, along with linearization and temperature compensation.

Offering conversion of standard strain gauge load cells to digital load cells.

  • Strain gage to RS485 or CAN digital load cell converter
  • Low profile, small 20mm diameter for mounting inside sensor
  • Ultra high performance, resolution of 1 part in 400,000 (18bit)
  • High speed, up to 500 Updates per second
  • Auto calibration or direct entry of mV/V with linearisation
  • Error reporting including strain gauge fault conditions
  • Programmable dynamic filter
  • Also available a miniature digital temperature sensor module for wiring to DCell/DSC temperature sensor pcb board (shown on thumbnail image on left)
  • Option of an in-line enclosure (shown on thembnail image on left)
  • NEW ! - ATEX component approval on CAN bus versions - Ex Na II
  • NEW ! - Software enabling 24 DCell or DSCs to be viewed and logged simultaneously

Available output formats include the RS485, ASCII, Modbus, CAN, CANopen® and MantraCAN (J1939). All are 4 wire bus and power formats offering connection of up to 32 sensors on just 4 wires. 

Additional features include the following:-

  • Remote shunt calibration
  • Temperature compensation
  • Peak and trough recording
  • Long cable lengths up to 1000m



Bridge Excitation
4.5 - 5.25 VDC
Sensor Impedance up to 18V Supply
320 - 5,000 Ohms
Bridge Sensitivity
-3 tp +3 mV/V
Offset Stability with Time
0.002 %FR
Internal Resolution
16 Million Counts/Divisions
Operating Temperature Range
-40 to 85°C
0 to 95%RH on Condensing