Amber Instruments supplies the widest range of standard and custom torque and force transducers, including multi-axis.

  • SQ2010 Handheld Data Logger
    Data Loggers

    A range of portable data loggers from single channel to 32 inputs, for use in research, quality assurance and production monitoring in industry, environmental sciences and in the laboratory.

  • Model VF563 In-Line Flow Meter
    Flow Meters

    A range of low pressure gas flow meters using vortex shedding technology. The meter of choice for the measurement of blow-by gasses in engine testing applications. Calibration to NIST traceable standards. Also available for high temperature exhaust gas flow measurement.

  • Model TC01 S-Beam Load Cell
    Load Cells

    A very wide range of strain gauge load cells covering general purpose, weighing, force measurement, fatigue rated, high stiffness. Available in a wide range of styles.

  • M211-116 Fatigue Rated Torque Sensor
    Multi-Axis Transducers

    Up to 6-axis, all with cross-talk compensation and high (millivolt/volt) outputs. Standard sensors for tyre testing and materials testing.

  • M211-114 Low Torque Thrust Sensor
    Torque Transducers

    A wide range of slip ring, rotary transformer and reaction torque transducers in a variety of formats, including shaft, spline, flange, pulley and hollow reaction.

  • DCell Small Load Cell Digital Converter
    Torque/Force Indicators

    A range of panel mount, DIN rail mount and surface mount digital indicators for strain gauge inputs. Voltage, current and other inputs also available.

  • Load Cell Failure Alarm Junction Box LCI
    Weighing Instruments

    A range of digital indicators with special software for batch weighing, fast fill by weight, loss in weight, etc.

  • OEM Wireless Pulse Transmitter Model T24-PA
    Wireless Telemetry

    A flexible, wireless telemetry system designed to monitor a variety of sensors with high accuracy, providing up to 800m (up to 1600m with repeater) range, excellent battery life of up to 5 years and up to 200 updates per second (2000 on certain models), with simple set-up and installation.

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Industrial Wireless Transmitter Enclosure T24-ACM


Industrial Wireless Transmitter Enclosure

T24-ACMi Wireless Telemetry Acquisition Enclosure


Miniature Industrial Wireless Transmitter Enclosure

Miniature Wireless Transmitter Enclosure T24-ACMm


Miniature Wireless Transmitter Enclosure

T24 Wireless Sensor Antennas T24-ANT


Wireless Sensor Antennas T24

T24-AO1 and T24-AO1i


Analogue Output Wireless Receiver

Wireless Range Repeater or Extender T24-AR


Wireless Range Repeater or Extender

Lithium Battery Telemetry Charger Module T24-BC1


Lithium Battery Telemetry Charger Module for T24 Series

Industrial Wireless Base Station T24-BSi with Industrial Interfaces


Industrial Wireless Base Station

Wireless USB Base Station T24-BSu


Wireless USB Base Station With USB Interface

Extended Range Industrial Wireless USB Base Station T24-BSue


Extended Range Industrial Wireless USB Base Station