Wireless Range Repeater or Extender

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  • Extends and enhances range of T24 devices 
  • Allows communication around obstacles 
  • IP67 Protection Rating for Harsh Environments
  • Improves propagation of signal
  • Integrated PCB antenna
  • Fast & easy configuration with the free downloadable software
  • Both battery powered and external power

Product Details

The wireless range repeater or extender T24-AR is a repeater enabling the T24 telemetry system modules to span around obstacles, increase range and coverage by re-transmitting received messages.

The T24-AR will repeat the data once which can then double the wireless range and improve communication around obstacles.

The data sent by transmitter modules can be utilised by multiple receivers such as displays, wireless handheld readers, analogue outputs, relay modules and computer interfaces. Receivers support common industrial power supplies and are available in robust IP rated enclosures with internal antennas optimised to give outstanding coverage.

The T24-AR has a rugged IP67 rated housing enclosure for harsh environments.  There are 4 mounting holes on the back of the ABS case for wall mounting if required.

It can be powered either by two D batteries as well as an external power supply.

The repeater enables messages to be repeated once so therefore extends the achievable wireless range. Please note: Adding further repeaters to the system will increase coverage but will not further increase the range.

Wireless Range Repeater or Extender T24-AR Outline Drawing

Wireless Range Repeater or Extender T24-AR Outline Drawing
Wireless Range Repeater or Extender T24-AR Outline Drawing


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