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The humidity data logger HumiLog is a robust data logger for measuring humidity. There are several models of loggers available: loggers with integrated sensors or loggers with up to 2 externally connectable probes. The standard probes include low cost sensors for humidity/temperature, surface humidity, surface temperature and condensation.

HumiLog delivers accurate readings for humidity and temperature. Relative humidity can be measured with an accuracy of ± 2%. The accuracy for temperature measurements is ± 0.3°C. External temperature probes provide an accuracy of up to ± 0.1°C.


Yoyo HumiLog humidity data loggers are robust and used for measuring and recording a wide variety of variables: temperature, humidity, condensation, extra-low voltage, strain gauge, voltage, current, pulse, barometric pressure, as well as light and radiation.

The humidity data logger is made of high quality, shock-proof POM-composed synthetic material. The devices are protected from water ingress according to IP65.

Versatile, flexible & easy to operate

In order to meet the specific demands of various applications the humidity data loggers come in different designs and with different

  • with integrated sensor (e.g. for monitoring shipments)
  • with connectable probes for differentiated analyses with different parameters
  • with sensor integrated in a 100mm stainless steel tube (e.g. for measurements in air ducts, or for pharmaceutical or biological research)

Probes can be easily connected to the logger through screw on connectors, allowing flexible use and quick ex-change.

High-quality and fast

The HumiLog humidity data logger provides memory capacity for 100,000 rea-dings (optional 4 million), which can be read out via USB within seconds via a transfer rate of 500 kbps.

Long durability

The large memory capacity and the low current consumption allow logging for years without the need to monitor the device. The “continuous” mode makes it possible to overwrite old data with new readings. Should the battery be completely discharged during operation the integrated none-volatile flash memory will keep the readings safe.

Status visualisation by LED

The yoyo HumiLog data loggers are equipped with an integrated status LED which can be used for different functions:

  • displaying when a threshold has been exceeded
  • indicating low battery
  • displaying the data logging status (making it easy to identify the device’s condition)
Catalogue no.ModelSensor positionSensor type/inputsExternal sensorsMemory size
YL-RH20YL-RH20Internal onlySingle RH / TemperatureNo100,000 readings
YL-RH20-4MYL-RH20-4MInternal onlySingle RH / TemperatureNo4 million readings
YL-RH20EYL-RH20EExternal IntegratedSingle RH / TemperatureNo100,000 readings
YL-RH20E-4MYL-RH20E-4MExternal IntegratedSingle RH / TemperatureNo4 million readings
YL-RH23YL-RH23Internal onlyTemperature, RH & PressureNo100,000 readings
YL-RH23-4MYL-RH23-4MInternal onlyTemperature, RH & PressureNo4 million readings
YL-RH23EYL-RH23EInternal & External IntegratedTemperature, RH & PressureNo100,000 readings
YL-RH23E-4MYL-RH23E-4MInternal & External IntegratedTemperature, RH & PressureNo4 million readings
YL-RH25YL-RH25Internal & ExternalInternal Temperature, RH, Pressure + external inputsYes100,000 readings
YL-RH25-4MYL-RH25-4MInternal & ExternalInternal Temperature, RH, Pressure + external inputsYes4 million readings


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