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YoYo MultiLog data logger is rugged and powerful, miniature, fully configurable data loggers capable of recording up to 6 parameters. They each have an integrated humidity/temperature sensor and two additional inputs which can be configured with YoyoView software.

A selection of probes and transducers are available for each parameter. The following inputs can be configured:

  • Humidity and temperature – integrated
  • Temperature (PT1000, PT100)
  • Humidity/temperature (for combined humidity/ temperature probes, e.g. YS-RHT, YS-RHT-XXS etc.)
  • Current/voltage (µV range, 0-1V/0-5V/0-10V,0-20mA), radiation, CO2, air velocity and many more
  • Moisture, pulse or frequency: e.g. For revolution counters, rain gauges, photoelectric sensors, etc.
Catalogue no.ModelSensor positionSensor type/inputsExternal sensorsMemory size
YL-M32YL-M32Internal & ExternalMicro VoltsYes100,000 readings
YL-M32-4MYL-M32-4MInternal & ExternalMicro VoltsYes4 million readings
YL-M33YL-M33External onlyVoltage & CurrentYes100,000 readings
YL-M33-4MYL-M33-4MExternal onlyVoltage & CurrentYes4 million readings
YL-M34YL-M34External onlyVoltage & CurrentYes100,000 readings
YL-M34-4MYL-M34-4MExternal onlyVoltage & CurrentYes4 million readings
YL-M41-4MYL-M41-4MExternal only1 x Channel PulseYes4 million readings
YL-M42YL-M42External only2 x Channel PulseYes100,000 readings
YL-M42-4MYL-M42-4MExternal only2 x Channel PulseYes4 million readings
YL-M61YL-M61Internal onlyLight SensorNo100,000 readings
YL-M61-4MYL-M61-4MInternal onlyLight SensorNo4 million readings
YL-M62YL-M62Internal & ExternalLight Sensor, temp & RHNo100,000 readings
YL-M62-4MYL-M62-4MInternal & ExternalLight Sensor, temp & RHNo4 million readings
YL-M90YL-M90Internal & ExternalInternal Temp & RH + Programmable InputsYes100,000 readings
YL-M90-4MYL-M90-4MInternal & ExternalInternal Temp & RH + Programmable InputsYes4 million readings

YL-M32 Micro-Voltage Logger

The voltage and current MultiLog data logger YL-M32 is a two-channel logger for recording extra-low voltage in the mV region and  common reference voltage measurements, e.g. standard analog outputs (0..1V/0…5V/0..10V).

The MultiLog data loggers can be used for recording small measurement signals such as from a Wheatstone bridge, force or range sensor, strain gauge, or extra-low voltages due to chemical balancing processes.

The YL-M32 provides constant current for strain gauge sensors to supply the bridge. The devices are programmable so that you can log on either just a single channel or on both channels. The YL-M32 has sensors for humi-dity, temperature, and barometric pressure built-in in its enclosure

Electrical Signal Loggers

The YL-M33 and YL-M34 MultiLog data loggers are one or two channel data loggers for recording the variables of current and voltage. The devices are fully programmable and settable to 0 to 1V, 0 to 5V, 0 to 10V or 0 to 24mA. Corresponding cables are available for each measuring range. The logger can be used to record singals of almost every transmitter or probe as long as they provide adequate analog outputs.

The MultiLog data logger has got a 20 bit analogue to digital converter which can provide a resolution of up to 15µV or 0.36µA (accor-ding to set range).

YL-M41 & YL-M42 Pulse Loggers

There are two models available: YL-M41 with one input channel and the YL-M42 with two input channels. Both are designed to measure potential-free pulses such as TTL signals or voltage signals of up to 3V. With the YY-CP connection cable the logger can be used for measuring signals up to 24V.

The devices are fully programmable allowing you to set the logger to record on one or two channels. The incoming signal (potential-free/voltage) can be set using the software. The logger is best suited for operation with counters, photoelectric sensors, revolution-counters, make contact elements, switches and sensors with pulse output.

Applications: Typically used in rainfall measurement and industrial sectors measuring flow rate (pulse) with flowmeter or pulse energy in building monitoring.

YL-M61 Light Data Loggers

The YL-M61 MultiLog data logger records illuminance with a spectral sensitivity adjusted to the spectrum of the human eye, whilst the YL-M62 version is also equipped with an additional humidity and temperature sensor. A range of sensors with different spectral ranges are available, suitable for use in scientific research.

Applications: These robust MultiLog data loggers are equally suited for operation indoors, outdoors or under water. Commonly used in workplace studies, weather stations, museums, street lighting or showcase lighting.


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