Amber Instruments supplies the widest range of standard and custom torque and force transducers, including multi-axis.

  • SQ2010 Handheld Data Logger
    Data Loggers

    A range of portable data loggers from single channel to 32 inputs, for use in research, quality assurance and production monitoring in industry, environmental sciences and in the laboratory.

  • VF563 In-Line Flow Meter
    Flow Meters

    A range of low pressure gas flow meters using vortex shedding technology. The meter of choice for the measurement of blow-by gasses in engine testing applications. Calibration to NIST traceable standards. Also available for high temperature exhaust gas flow measurement.

  • Model TC01 S-Beam Load Cell
    Load Cells

    A very wide range of strain gauge load cells covering general purpose, weighing, force measurement, fatigue rated, high stiffness. Available in a wide range of styles.

  • M211-116 Fatigue Rated Torque Sensor
    Multi-Axis Transducers

    Up to 6-axis, all with cross-talk compensation and high (millivolt/volt) outputs. Standard sensors for tyre testing and materials testing.

  • M211-114 Low Torque Thrust Sensor
    Torque Transducers

    A wide range of slip ring, rotary transformer and reaction torque transducers in a variety of formats, including shaft, spline, flange, pulley and hollow reaction.

  • DCell Small Load Cell Digital Converter
    Torque/Force Indicators

    A range of panel mount, DIN rail mount and surface mount digital indicators for strain gauge inputs. Voltage, current and other inputs also available.

  • Load Cell Failure Alarm Junction Box LCI
    Weighing Instruments

    A range of digital indicators with special software for batch weighing, fast fill by weight, loss in weight, etc.

  • OEM Wireless Pulse Transmitter Model T24-PA
    Wireless Telemetry

    A flexible, wireless telemetry system designed to monitor a variety of sensors with high accuracy, providing up to 800m (up to 1600m with repeater) range, excellent battery life of up to 5 years and up to 200 updates per second (2000 on certain models), with simple set-up and installation.

  • Model LCA15F Fast Intelligent Load Cell Amplifier
    Discontinued Products

    Sometimes we discontinue products if newer models become available.

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Load Button Load Cell Model 43 - top

Model 43

Load Button Load Cell

Model 6214 Load Cell Overload Protector

Model 6214

Load Cell Overload Protector

7541 AC or DC Indicator

Model 7541

AC or DC Indicator

7554 Process Monitor Portable

Model 7554

Process Monitor Portable

ADP-SP16 Versatile Indicator / Load Cell Controller

Model ADP-SP16

Versatile Indicator / Load Cell Controller


Ingredient Batch Weighing Controller Model ADW-BW5/12

Model ADW-BW5/12

Ingredient Batch Weighing Controller


Model ADW-CW

Continuous Weighing Controller


Fast Fill Weighing Controller Model ADW-FFW


Fast Fill Weighing Controller


Model ADW-FPT Fast Load Cell Amplifier


Fast Load Cell Amplifier


ADW-LW Loss in Weight Controller

Model ADW-LW

Loss in Weight Controller